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Solution 1

Modern architects firm


  • 3 office based employees across two locations (Hertfordshire & Bristol)
  • 1 employee predominantly on the road, also works from home (Reading)
  • Offices sometimes unmanned due to business meetings
  • Need to appear to prospective customers as an established and professional company
  • Lack of communication between sites
  • Limited time
  • Fast growth


  • Provide three phones which connect to xoomtalk Hosted VoIP, enabling users to talk for free to each other and operate as if they where in the same office.
  • Provide a business grade Internet connection for each site configured to carry multiple simultaneous calls as well as Internet traffic - no need to buy any additional phone lines to allow for more than one call.
  • Provide an additional softphone and headset to be installed on the mobile users laptop. This allows them to be contacted and make calls as if they were in the office wherever they connect to the Internet be that at home, or on the road in hotels or service stations.
  • Provide a memorable main company number with Bristol dial code which when called will alert all four phones across both sites. Callers get to speak to a member of staff rather than voicemail, even if one of the offices is unmanned.
  • Configure the system so that by simply pressing a button on any handset all inbound calls to the main number will ring three additional mobiles numbers as well as the office phone. Meaning callers will get connected even if both offices are unmanned.
  • Xoom would be the single point of contact for the entire solution, including lines, phones, numbers and Internet connections. This means less suppliers to manage and leaves more time to run and grow the business.
  • As new employees join the business, phones can be sent pre-configured to any location with an viable Internet connection. The new employee simply needs to un-box and plug in to get connected and start making and receiving calls.
  • Every aspect of the solution can be controlled via our market-leading web portal which is accessible from any Internet connected device worldwide, meaning the system can be configured without any need to be in the office.