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Solution 2

Specialised tour operator


  • 10 office based employees in one location split into skill based teams
  • Calls to the sales and service team need to be distributed evenly between 5 employees
  • Managing Director wants to be able to work from home occasionally
  • All inbound calls outside business hours need to be captured
  • Company representatives based overseas in 7 key resorts are currently generating large mobile bills when communicating with head office
  • International helpline numbers required for customers whilst on holiday


  • Provide ten phones to the main office which connect to xoomtalk Hosted VoIP. One configured as a receptionist handset with extra speed dial buttons which light up to show when other employees are on the phone.
  • Provide 7 phones to overseas reps which connect back to xoomtalk Hosted VoIP from abroad. This enables all reps to make free calls to the head office and other overseas reps as if they were in the same office.
  • Provide a cost effective business grade Internet connection. This will be configured to carry multiple calls as well as any Internet traffic - only one connection will be needed to support all Internet browsing and multiple calls.
  • Provide an additional phone to be installed at the Managing Director's home and migrate the Internet connection to a service with voice priority as standard.
  • Configure the the main company number to call the receptionist phone during office hours, allowing calls to be transferred as appropriate. As the connection will support up to 20 simultaneous calls, the receptionist will be able to see all inbound calls queue on her phone and also who is currently free to take these calls.
  • Set up all inbound calls to the sales and service department to be routed to an agent queue and provide 5 agent IDs which employees can use to log in and out of the queue to take calls.
  • Configure the queue to distribute the calls evenly between the agents and play comfort messages to callers when they are not available.
  • Provide web portal training to the manager so they can control the agents and produce historical reports on call and queue activity.
  • Provide international numbers for each destination served by the company, and configure these to call the service team office phones. This provides a local number that can be given to customers in resort, but calls are answered in the UK. This means less staff are required in resort offices and customers are better served.
  • Route all out-of-hours calls to a company voicemail which will automatically email the messages to an email address or distribution group.
  • Ability to control every aspect of the solution generate reports and view call spend on a real-time basis via our market leading web portal, which can be accessed from any Internet connected device worldwide.