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Solution 3

Rapidly growing retail business

  • Geographically dispersed business, with 25 outlets around the UK each with 2 members of staff
  • 5 users in head office (London)
  • Company is rapidly growing, needs ability to add extensions at short notice
  • Need to be able to control expenditure on communications centrally
  • Would like to operate as a single central telephone system rather than individual fixed lines
  • Need to be able to restrict calls to certain numbers
  • Want a central number for customers to call, but do not want to have a dedicated receptionist at Head Office to answer calls for retail outlets
  • Limited time


  • Provide a cost effective business grade Internet connection with high download rates and minimum of 2MB upload bandwidth for the main office. This will be configured to carry multiple voice calls as well as any internet traffic - only one connection will be needed to support all Internet browsing and multiple calls.
  • Supply 5 IP desk phones for head office, connecting to xoomtalk Hosted VoIP system, with voicemail to email functionality on all accounts.
  • Provide DECT wireless phones for each retail outlet, connecting to xoomtalk Hosted VoIP system, allowing staff in retail outlets to call head office as if they were in the same building as well as the ability to move around the store whilst on the phone
  • Configure all retail extensions to only be able to make calls during defined hours
  • Restrict all international calls and calls to premium numbers from retail handsets at all times
  • As all calls will route over the current internet connections there will be no need to install additional phone lines to support voice
  • Configure Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) for all inbound calls to main number which will greet callers and to allow them to select the retail outlet they would like to speak to, thereby removing the amount of call traffic and workload on the receptionist at head office
  • Complete control including the management and administration of the solution can be carried out at head office, including restricting calls, monitoring of call spend and real time analysis of cost of calls on a site by site basis
  • New extensions can be added at very short notice when new retail stores are set up - only requirement is that an Internet connection is present at the store