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Reseller Features

Our Hosted VoIP platform incorporates a whole range of tools and features designed to help our resellers provide effective solutions to their customer base within minimal time scales. A detailed list of the features and benefits that xoomtalk Hosted VoIP can offer to your customer base can be seen here.

xoomtalk Hosted VoIP has been developed to be as convenient as possible for resellers. The intuitive web portal allows quick and efficient provisioning of new solutions and hardware as well as real time information on customer service usage and extension status, enabling you to provide excellent ongoing support.

The system is designed to enable resellers to spend minimal time on-site and reduce their service team overheads. The system also allows your team to support users from any Internet connected device (such as smartphones or tablets).

The key reseller features of xoomtalk Hosted VoIP can be seen below:

  • Multi-tenanted
    xoomtalk Hosted VoIP has been developed based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and allows resellers to host solutions for multiple companies under one canopy.
  • Three Levels of Management
    xoomtalk Hosted VoIP provides resellers with three levels of hierarchical user management through role-based access controlled through the use of different rights and permissions. This allows the creation of a telephone system tailored to each customer's individual requirements.
  • Advanced Permissions and Limits
    Permissions and limits can be set at any level of the system allowing resellers to provide greater flexibility to more advanced users.
  • Phone Terminal Provisioning
    xoomtalk Hosted VoIP supports automatic phone provisioning which enables fast and efficient deployment of phone handsets. As part of our service we can provide pre-configured hardware direct to your office or customer site.
  • International Platform
    xoomtalk Hosted VoIP is truly international. The system supports extension based time zones and the web portal and system can be present information in a wide range of languages.
  • Charging Plans
    Resellers can control and manage their own charging plans for their customer base. The system presents a whole range of options for both prepay and postpay plans. Charges can be defined down to a dialled digits level. Usage limitations can be configured to guard against fraud and to provide our resellers with piece of mind.
  • Free Minutes per Call Destination
    Resellers are able to implement call packages including free minute to set destinations over defined periods. Once the monthly free-minute packages are spent then normal charges will automatically be applied.
  • Advanced Call Reporting
    The Advanced Call Reporting feature provides resellers with a wide range of advanced reporting tools to help monitor user activity.
  • Number Management
    Customers DDI numbers can be easily managed and updated through a dedicated area within the web portal. Ranges can be allocated and moved with minimal effort.
  • Music On Hold Management
    xoomtalk Hosted VoIP's Music On Hold Management feature allows you to manage and control play lists to offer to your customer base.
  • CallNow
    This feature allows xoomtalk Hosted VoIP users to be contacted from an Internet source. Users can publish a link on their website or within their email signatures and, when clicked on the system will instantly connect the visitor with the xoomtalk Hosted VoIP user.
  • Support
    xoomtalk has over 10 years experience in the maintenance of mission critical applications. Access to our dedicated support team is available to all resellers within normal business hours and options to extend this are available. Our platform is monitored 24x7x365 meaning we will be aware of fixing any major service issue before you have had the chance to call.
  • Group Management
    xoomtalk Hosted VoIP also features extensive group management support options – allowing support and maintenance procedures to be completed across groups of handsets. This feature is in its foundation stage and will form the base of a new set of options targeted at larger organisations and enterprise users with the aim of simplifying general operational procedures.