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Enterprise solutions

Our solutions for enterprise customers allow them to better utilise existing resources, improve their workforce communications and significantly lower ongoing costs.

By routing existing call traffic over existing corporate leased lines and wide area links, companies are able to harness some of the benefits that IP communications can bring whilst reducing reliance on legacy T1/E1 fixed line circuits and drastically reducing ongoing telecommunications expenditure.

Through our relationships with Tier 1 carriers we are able to port telephone number ranges from most suppliers onto our infrastructure, enabling clients to retain key telephone numbers and direct dials (DDIs) during office relocation projects and staff restructuring. Once ported we are able to route inbound calls to any user, team or department regardless of geographic location. This also reduces the workload and costs associated with updating and reprinting marketing literature and internal telephone directories. Once calls are routed on our IP network, customers can enjoy complete flexibility in call routing, something which is simply not possible when using legacy fixed line solutions.

The move to a IP based telecommunication system also unlocks the door to effective telephony disaster recovery planning without the costs normally associated with such facilities. Using our class-leading Hosted VoIP platform we are able to offer enterprise customers the facility to have a complete DR configuration held on our system. Should DR ever be required, at the press of a button all calls would be re-routed to our platform and delivered to pre-configured handsets based anywhere in the world. The only capital requirement for this configuration is the purchase of telephone handsets, with an ongoing holding fee for the configuration on our system.

Please contact us for more information or to talk to us about how our technical experts can help your in-house team with IP related communication projects