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The financial sector is one of the most fast-moving and rapidly-evolving industries in today’s global economy. The industry requires secure and reliable connectivity to ensure operational efficiency and stay one step ahead of the curve.

Privacy and compliance are top priorities for anyone at the financial forefront, so you need to be able to securely and rapidly communicate, reconcile and manage financial transactions across your global financial supply chain.

With Xoomtalk’s services, you can create a trusted workplace where you can quickly respond to changing market needs, easily engage with clients and colleagues, and securely access data from anywhere.

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Connectivity solutions for the financial services sector

Meet customer demands

Responding to customers’ needs quickly and effectively can be the difference between making and losing money. Improved connectivity will increase your capabilities of data transmission and the speed of trading by enabling you to carry out instant transactions and monitor movements without delay.

Operate securely

Financial information is incredibly sensitive, so security is an issue at the top of your agenda. Financial systems are exposed to a high number of hazards which require consistent efforts to operate securely. Invest in Xoomtalk’s secure internet connection to stay protected against crime, theft and fraud.

Stay compliant

With robust regulations to abide by in the financial sector, it is crucial to find connectivity solutions that enable you to maintain integrity, ensure compliance and mitigate fraud. Our solutions enable you to safeguard data and keep your IT systems secure.

Long retention call recordings

Call recording and retention of calls is a serious FCA requirement. Maintain the quality, accuracy and completeness of all recordings and keep them fully accessible with functions such as long retention call recording.

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