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Quick deployment internet connectivity direct to your site

In the fast-moving world of the construction and engineering industry, your workforce is often spread across multiple sites and rarely involves being tied to a desk.

The need to maintain contact is vital in keeping a project moving. Investing in a connectivity solution that allows you to connect to the internet anywhere, and a hosted phone system dedicated for construction and engineering professionals means you can get connected to your site from day one.

Whether you are liaising internally with site and sales offices, or externally with sub-contractors and suppliers, any delay in communications can have a huge impact. Improving your communications can boost the efficiency of builds and workflows, resulting in a cheaper and shorter construction journey.

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Connectivity Solutions for Construction

Instant site connectivity

Our quick deployment internet connectivity provides a fantastic opportunity for construction and engineering companies to be fully operational from day one. With superb speeds and reliability, you can eliminate long lead times for connectivity and speed up your project.


The freedom to make and take calls and voicemails on the go is essential to successfully coordinating a project. With an easy click to call function, you can effectively and quickly deliver an idea, make changes or alter the status of a project, making sure all participants are involved with every decision made.

Connect temporary sites

Providing connectivity for short term projects, or sites that are operational for short periods of time, requires high-quality, temporary broadband solutions. Our short and long term contracts offer flexibility and the chance for you to implement our services whenever and wherever. We also make it easy for you to add and remove new users as contractors come and go.

Quality and reliability

While maintaining communication with remote or mobile workers is important for productivity, it is also vital for safety. Miscommunication can lead to accidents if instructions aren’t clearly passed on. Investing in crystal-clear call quality with a reliable connection is essential in reducing any potential risks.

Want to add a hosted phone system to your organisation?

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