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If your business accepts over the phone payments by credit and debit cards for products or services, then it is vital you have PCI compliant solutions in place. This security standard ensures that all card information is accepted, processed, stored and transmitted in a secure environment so data breaches cannot occur. Being non-compliant can result in fines. 

Whether your company accepts payments over the phone every day, or only a couple of times a month, your systems and processes must still be secure so your customers can trust you with their personal card information. 

To fit every budget, we offer two solutions that are regulatory approved and will ensure that your business is legally compliant.

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Our PCI compliant phone system solutions

Encrypted VoIP Data

We have worked with our clients who accept telephone payments to develop our own cost-effective solution that has been approved by regulators. 

With a VoIP phone system, large amounts of data are fed through the cloud, which does mean that data breaches can occur. To rectify this, we have created a solution whereby all the data transferred through a VoIP system is encrypted, amongst other security measures. This means that your employees can still be told your customers’ sensitive card information verbally, but the data cannot be accessed or hacked externally. 

Your business would then simply need to implement procedures to ensure that information is handled correctly and not stored or recorded.

Our encrypted VoIP data solution is ideal for small or medium sized businesses.

DTMF Masking

DTMF – or Dual Tone Modulated Frequency – masking is the industry-leading PCI compliant solution, which does make it the more expensive option. 

Instead of a customer verbally saying their card information, they type it onto a telephone keypad. Each touch generates a signal that is passed down the call line to your payment service provider for processing. Your employees are unable to see your customers’ card information, but the payment can still be processed. This fully removes your employees from the scope of PCI compliance. 

As well as ensuring your customers’ information remains protected, it ensures that no sensitive data is being stored, recorded or entering your business. 

DTMF masking is the ideal solution for larger business and contact centres that are processing a great amount of payments on a daily basis.

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