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Using our cloud-based business VoIP phone system gives you access to a wide range of fully customisable features that empower your business to work smarter and more effectively. Whether you are a small business with fewer than 50 employees, or a large enterprise with over 250 users, we will tailor our solution to your exact requirements.

Your team will be able to make and receive calls and hold voice conferences using any device while working at their desk or when travelling and working remotely via an app.

Seamless upgrades and continual development of our VoIP services future-proof your phone system and connections, and provide you with a solution that can grow as your business expands. 

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FAQs: VoIP for business

Hosted VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone service that is delivered over the internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. It allows users to make and receive calls using internet-connected devices such as desk phones, smartphones, and computers.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, as it provides a high level of flexibility and reliability. It can easily adapt and grow with a business as it expands and staffing levels increase. VoIP is a highly versatile and effective communication solution for any business looking to improve its operations and stay competitive in today’s market.

Our company understands the importance of maintaining a consistent phone number for businesses, which is why we have implemented a process to ensure that existing phone numbers can be retained. We will work with you to ensure all of your existing number are transferred across to our services.

We understand how disruptive upgrading any part of your business communication systems can be, so we will manage the whole process and make it as smooth as possible. From the start of the installation to being completely up and running will take a few days, but there will be no downtime for your business during that time, and we will keep you fully updated.

VoIP phone system is highly reliable. Our company handles a high volume of calls, in excess of 25 million calls per year, and our VoIP phone system boasts an uptime of 99.9999%. This is due to the fact that we have our own network, which allows us to continuously monitor the system and identify potential issues and problems quickly. This level of reliability ensures that our clients experience minimal disruptions and are able to maintain effective communication at all times.

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