Business Leased Lines

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Dedicated internet access you can truly rely on

With a Xoomtalk leased line your business will benefit from a dedicated internet connection that is all yours; there is no sharing connectivity with any other business.

Secure ethernet connectivity from the exchange straight to your office, access to the best service and the best price for your location, and guaranteed high speeds of up to 10Gbps – all backed up by industry leading SLAs and a team of experts monitoring the network 24/7. 

For larger businesses that use their internet connection for multiple purposes, including browsing, video conferencing, VoIP and file sharing we recommend using an enterprise-grade leased line.

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Is dedicated internet access right for your business?

Outstanding Reliability

Would internet downtime be detrimental for your business? Leased lines provide the most reliable connection possible.

Uncontended Network

With your own dedicated internet access, no other business will be using your line, so your connectivity will never be slowed down by other companies in your area.

Flexible Speeds

We have dedicated speeds ranging from 5Mb to 10Gb available. Our team can carry out an analysis and help you determine what you need and easily scale-up when your business requirements change.

Equal Upload & Download Speeds

With standard business broadband, upload speeds are generally slower than download speeds. But, with a leased line your business will receive the same fast speed whether uploading or downloading files.

Industry Leading SLAs

On the rare occasion that something goes wrong and your connection is temporarily interrupted, we provide industry-leading SLAs and will have your connection back up and running within hours.

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