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There is no reason why medium-sized businesses cannot benefit from the same innovative technology as larger enterprises. We have the tools to help drive businesses forward by providing high-speed connectivity, offering expert technical support, and strengthening your communications.

We get that connectivity solutions for medium-sized businesses need to be flexible; scalability is everything. From cloud-based hosted VoIP that can scale as your business grows, to our network of business-grade connectivity solutions that will keep you connected, our team of experts will find the best solution.  

We will provide an exceptional service and deliver solutions that are unique to your business requirements and its future needs.

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Powerful communication solutions for medium-sized businesses

Scalable Phone Systems

Our feature-rich cloud-based business VoIP phone systems bring a host of communication tools into one integrated system, which users can access from any device and any location. It will grow as your business grows.

VoIP Solutions

Leased Lines

If any type of downtime would be detrimental to your business, then you need a leased line. You will receive dedicated internet access that is not shared with other businesses, so you know your connection will not slow during busy periods.

Leased Lines

Business Broadband

From single line connections to fully resilient solutions, our business-grade broadband is delivered via our own network and supported by our team of experts. We will get your business connected and ensure you stay connected.

Business Broadband

Mobile (4G & 5G)

Our mobile connectivity solutions are ideal for medium-sized businesses that are located in hard to reach places, or need an instant connection to be fully operational from day one.

4G & 5G

Super Connected Buildings

Dedicated fibre optic links giving buildings access to superfast broadband – we’re talking astonishing speeds of up to 10Gbps. A broadband solution that can truly be relied on, our Super Connected Buildings ensure medium-sized businesses are future-proofing their connectivity.

Super Connected Buildings

Multi-site Connectivity

Our resilient national broadband, ethernet and mobile network enables us to create multi-site connectivity solutions that are bespoke to your requirements.

WAN Solutions

Get flexible communication solutions designed for your business

How are your current connectivity solutions doing?

How does unreliable connectivity affect your business?

With no downtime, consider how much productivity would increase with an ‘always-on’ solution.

What are your plans for your business in the future? Can your current solution scale?

Install communication solutions that are designed to grow as your business expands.

Is your team spending more time working remotely?

With a cloud-based VoIP phone system everyone can stay connected from anywhere.

Are ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions failing your business?

Speak to experts who can design a bespoke solution that fully meets your needs.

Flexible and reliable solutions that will totally transform your business

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