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When you have over 250 users you need to be assured your systems will always deliver. A one solution fits all is not suitable as you need robust and resilient connectivity solutions that keep employees connected, whether they are in the building, various locations or different countries.

Our innovative solutions, which include an ‘always-on’ internet connection delivered via our own 24/7 monitored network, fully scalable VoIP system and instantly connected mobile solutions, make us an industry-leading connectivity solutions provider for large enterprises.

Transform your business with connectivity solutions designed for your enterprise


Resilient connectivity solutions for ENTERPRISE businesses

Multi-site Connectivity

Our resilient national broadband, ethernet and mobile network enables us to create multi-site connectivity solutions that are bespoke to your requirements.

WAN Solutions

Business VoIP Phone System

Combining advanced features with fully customisable technology. Benefit from a cloud-based phone system that can adapt, grow as quickly as your business can, and be integrated with other communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

VoIP Solutions

Leased Lines

With a leased line there is no sharing your connection with other businesses. Receive a dedicated ethernet connection that will give you superfast speeds of up to 10Gb and increased resilience to prevent downtime. Our 24/7 live monitoring services guarantee you reliability.

Leased Lines

Mobile (4G & 5G)

Offering 4G and 5G high speed mobile broadband solutions to ensure employees are always connected when on the go and wherever they are.

4G & 5G

Business Broadband

Whether your business broadband is to provide additional connectivity, used as a backup, or to ensure every business site – no matter its size – stays connected, when you have over 250 users, it needs to be reliable and resilient. Our FTTP, FTTC, G.Fast and ADSL2+ solutions are just that.

Business Broadband

Global Connectivity

Get all the benefits of our network of leased lines, but on a global scale. No matter where in the world your enterprise is located, we can provide a high-quality and reliable internet connection.

Global Connectivity

Resilient connectivity solutions designed for your enterprise

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