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A modern workplace is constantly changing, so large business connectivity and communication solutions for up to 250 users need to continuously adapt and cater to operations that work across many floors, and many sites in some cases, as well as remotely.

Our VoIP phone system, dedicated leased line and cloud-ready connectivity solutions, which are delivered via our own superfast network, allow employees, customers and partners to work smarter by seamlessly connecting. 

With the ability to create bespoke and reliable solutions, we work with large businesses across all industries and have a dedicated support team who ensure you receive an ‘always-on’ connection.


Resilient connectivity solutions for large-sized businesses

Cloud-based VoIP

Our feature-packed VoIP phone system will boost productivity and give employees the opportunity to work smarter by making and receiving calls from wherever they are located. With various packages and add-ons, we’ll build a system based on your requirements.

VoIP Solutions

Business Broadband

Delivered via our own network, our business-grade broadband is continually monitored by our support team so you receive 100% uptime. From ADSL2+ to G.Fast and FTTP business broadband options, we have a solution that is fast, secure and reliable.

Business Broadband

Leased Lines

Benefit from Ethernet lines that give you dedicated internet access and superfast speeds. With 24/7 live monitoring and industry leading SLAs, we guarantee to provide you the best service and the best price for your location.

Leased Lines

Mobile (4G & 5G)

Flexible 4G and 5G data solutions to ensure that whatever location your employees are working from, they stay connected. Instant connectivity means they can be fully operational from day one.

4G & 5G

Global Connectivity

Have a multi-country operation? We can assist with all global internet requirements and can provide access across Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Global Connectivity

Multi-site Connectivity

Our resilient national broadband, ethernet and mobile network enables us to create multi-site connectivity solutions that are bespoke to your requirements.

WAN Solutions

Start enhancing your business connectivity

How our large business it solutions will help you

'Always on' solutions

Our dual connectivity package means your business is always connected to the internet,  even in the event of a primary circuit outage.

Active monitoring and management

We actively monitor the usage of our connections and invest in extra capacity so our network never fails.

Increased flexibility

With the ability to ring employees wherever they are, companies can have a more flexible workforce, with employees able to work from any location.


Our user specific solutions

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