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A memorable telephone number can be an important asset for a business, helping to create a professional image, improve marketing efforts, and enhance the customer experience.

Need specific VoIP numbers for a marketing campaign? We can do that. Looking to scale-up your business in different areas of the country? We help with that too by setting up local numbers that dial into a centralised location. 

With local, national, freephone and revenue generating options available, we can arrange the most suitable solution for your business, no matter your size, sector or location. 

There are thousands of phone number possibilities and we can secure you an instantly memorable number making it easy for your customers to connect with you.

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A business phone number for every company

A local phone number, where the dialling code begins with either an 01 or 02, is seen as instantly recognisable and can help your business build trust with potential customers. 

Having a local number can expand your business and help you to explore new regions. With a virtual number you can have a local phone number for any area of the country where you would like to target potential customers, but when dialled, it will connect through to your current business location.  

Local phone numbers: 

  • Are low cost for customers
  • Add credibility to your business
  • Are locally identifiable
  • Attract local customers

An 0800 number is free for people to call your business from UK landlines and mobile phones. 

Having a freephone number can be extremely powerful for your business. It has national appeal, can make your business seem larger than it is, encourages people to call, and gives off a very clear message that your business values communicating with its customers – all factors that can be vital for growth. 

Freephone numbers: 

  • Remove the cost of making a call
  • Incentivise people to call your business
  • Can put you ahead of your competition

When you are looking to expand your reach with a nationwide presence, but without having the expense of having a premium rate phone number, an 03 number is ideal. With thousands of memorable numbers available, we can help you choose a number that your customers will easily recall.

As 03 numbers have low call rates, customers are encouraged to pick up the phone and contact your business. 

03 phone numbers: 

  • Are low cost – same price as calling a local 01/02 number
  • Have nationwide appeal, regardless of your business’ size
  • Are included in landline/mobile free minutes bundles
  • Give your business a professional look

Generally they start with 087 or 09 and generate revenue from incoming calls for your business, providing you with a viable way to help fund growth. They are widely used for technical support, recorded information, competition, and voting phone lines. 

Although typically used by larger enterprises, we can set up a premium rate phone number for any sized business. However, if you do operate a premium rate phone number, there are regulations that need to be adhered.

Revenue generating numbers:

  • Help to cover the cost of running a service
  • Provide flexible charging options
  • Offer extended call customisation options
  • Give a national presence

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