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Attract tenants with superfast and rapidly deployed office internet

From long lead times to costly installations, sourcing the correct connectivity solution can be challenging for a business, and for building owners and landlords this can result in delayed occupancy. Becoming a Super Connected Building and ensuring it is ready for the future makes perfect business sense.

We work with owners and landlords to install dedicated fibre optic links throughout a building to give reassurance to businesses moving in that they will be up and running and benefiting from the best possible internet within a matter of days. 

Businesses moving into connected buildings have access to a variety of superfast business broadband  and leased line connectivity options that can deliver astonishing speeds of up to 10Gbps from day one.

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Our connected building solutions


Download: up to 100Mbps

Upload: up to 50Mbps


Download: up to 10Gbps

Upload: up to 10Gbps


Want to attract and keep tenants? Become a Super Connected Building

Our Connectivity Solutions

Business Broadband

Resilient business-grade broadband delivering high speeds across our own fully monitored network.

Leased Lines

A dedicated and secure ethernet connection delivered direct to your location with guaranteed high speeds.

Global Connectivity

High-quality connectivity to locations across Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Mobile (4G & 5G)

Rapidly deployed mobile broadband solutions that get you connected when you need it, wherever you need it.

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