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Managed WAN Services

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WAN solutions that keep all users, devices and applications connected

Businesses that operate across multiple sites and locations need a network that delivers resilience and efficiency ensuring everyone and everything stays connected. 

With our WAN services and extensive managed network expertise, we can design, install and manage your wide area network (WAN) simplifying your infrastructure and helping to make your business more efficient and productive. 

By utilising one network, your business’ security and performance will not be compromised by having multiple networks operating separately across your business; all devices, users and applications will function using the same network, and we will be able to easily monitor and make changes to your whole operation, whether it is spread across one site, multiple UK locations or globally.

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Hosted VPN Solutions

Allow your staff to have secure remote access to your business applications regardless of where they are based. Our hosted VPN solutions connect all your business locations, whilst ensuring your important data and files remain protected. 

  • Provides access to applications and files from any location
  • Ensures data is secure
  • Reduces the threat of a cyberattack
  • Enhances staff productivity

AWS Direct Connect

Working with us we will establish a private path to directly connect your network with AWS (Amazon Web Services), instead of using the internet to access cloud-based services. A private connection increases security and improves network performance. 

  • Traffic and data bypasses public internet
  • Private network between offices can be created
  • Allows a business to easily extend its network
  • Establishes a private and low-latency network connection

LINX & LONAP Peering

Our peering solutions can directly connect your business network to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and the London Network Access Point (LONAP) making it easy for your business to connect to exchanges throughout the world. 

  • Strengthens your network through one connection
  • Provides great network resilience and security
  • Offers a fast and reliable solution for exchanging traffic between different networks
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Our Managed Networks Solutions

See how our clients feel

Michael Ocallaghan
Michael Ocallaghan
Peter 10/10 as allways ! massive credit to the team ! Quick, professional, supportive thanks again Peter ! Cetsat Team
Heidi Rush
Heidi Rush
2023 We have now been a Xoomtalk client for 2 years. In this time we have had no issues wit our telephones or internet. Great support and excellent customer service - well done team. We recently transferred our business phones and internet to the Xoomtalk team. Charlie P patiently answered all of our questions and the team handheld through the process, including sending an engineer on site to set up the new equipment. Service has been great, no issues, and most important great internet speed and no freezing or call drop outs. Thank you Xoomtalk.
Sarah Wylie
Sarah Wylie
We moved to Xoomtalk for our VoIP service around a year ago. As our team predominantly works from home it's been a game changer for us. The software is brilliant and being able to transfer calls easily has really allowed us to work much more efficiently. We initially signed up with Charlie who explained the whole switching process in simple terms, it was such an easy switch from our previous provider with many more suitable services for our business. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Xoomtalk to any other business. Thank you
Andrea Babicova
Andrea Babicova
Our company has been a Xoomtalk customer for over a year now. When we first moved to the building, Xoomtalk came to the rescue after a different provider failed to provide an internet connection. The Xoomtalk team set up our internet under a tight deadline. Connection never fails, VoIP phone lines are great. I had no doubt when we'd decided to move our office, that we'd be staying with Xoomtalk as a provider. Friendly and professional communication is their bread and butter. From my first contact with Chris and Charlie, who found us the best package, as we are a social enterprise charity, to Harry, who was looking after the whole moving and connection process with a skilled and efficient team of engineers on site, including Nick and an accessible support team on the phone able to fix any issue in a timely manner. Thank you team!
Jonny Goodall
Jonny Goodall
We're in Brighton and worked with Xoomtalk for around 10 years now, they take care of all our connectivity needs (phone and WIFI). We've massively valued their expertise with VoIP stuff as it's an area we know very little about, but their solution works brilliantly wherever we're based during the week. Our office WIFI is strong and reliable, when others in our building (with other providers) seem to be losing theirs on a regular basis. We've always found the Xoom service helpdesk to be really slick. We've moved offices 3 times now, and each time they've taken all the WIFI stress away so we've been able to move in and everything just works! Brilliant.
Mark Tarrant
Mark Tarrant
Excellent service, the team at Xootalk are very helpful and knowledgable which made my experince execptional.
Dean Haysom
Dean Haysom
Replaced our existing provider and we are pleased we did so. Expertly talked through the product and service and very pleased with our "hands free" system. Highly recommend.
Mooncup Brighton
Mooncup Brighton
Xoomtalk have provided our broadband for years and more recently our VoIP system. We decided to go with them as they've always been a pleasure to work with, super efficient and helpful. Any broadband issues we have had in the past have been dealt with pretty much instantaneously. We are yet to experience any issues with our new VoIP system, but I'm confident they would support us straight away should anything crop up. We were using a pay-as-you-go VoIP service throughout the pandemic as we weren't sure if we would continue with remote working. Xoomtalk's software and customer service is 10 x better than what we were using before. Also big shout out to Charlie Pree who is our Account Manager. Always super friendly, knowledgeable and great at her job! Thank yooooou, Rebecca
Ingrid Wood
Ingrid Wood
Highly recommend Xoomtalk for any business with telecommunications needs. I’ve worked with Charlie and she is very knowledgable, super efficient and friendly. 5 stars to all the team aswell.
Jessica Banks
Jessica Banks
Would absolutely recommend xoomtalk - their responsiveness, expertise and fantastic service is so so valuable. A no-brainer for any business, thank you!


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