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Adapt efficiently to the demands of a changing Marketplace

As manufacturing becomes more reliant on innovative networking technology, the management of site connectivity must remain simple, consistent and responsive to keep up with the pace of evolving products and services.  

In a rapidly changing industry, improved workflows and management solutions are essential in coping with an increasingly complex environment. You need fast, reliable connectivity to provide real-time data analysis to make the right decisions, boost supply chain efficiencies and improve manufacturing techniques.

Investing in manufacturing industry connectivity solutions is the first step in creating a flexible, connected environment that will add resilience to ensure you can continue to operate, as well as improving performance and efficiency so your business remains cost effective.

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Connectivity solutions for the manufacturing sector

Supply chain visibility

Having full visibility of assets, processes, resources and products requires a degree of integration between your company, suppliers and logistics teams to achieve minimal disruptions, increased customer satisfaction and lowered costs. With IoT SIMs technology, you can seamlessly gather insights from real time data to make informed decisions.

Reduce errors

Our connectivity solutions for the manufacturing sector allows you to monitor and manage processes remotely and change the production plans quickly and in real time when needed. You can feed information back to the factory so that quality issues can be detected and fixed during the manufacturing stage by adjusting product design or the manufacturing process.

Boost efficiency

With Xoomtalk, your IoT connectivity is made simple to enable your company to grow to new heights. You can dramatically improve manufacturing outcomes, reduce waste, speed production and improve the quality of goods produced.

Embed connectivity

With embedded SIMs and sensors, you can connect to multiple locations, enabling you to track your assets on the factory floor, in warehouses, across multiple sites, and on the road, creating a simple approach in managing inventory and anticipating demand. Plus, by embedding connectivity into your own products, you can drastically transform the way you operate with your business and interact with your customers.

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