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Phone integration that helps deliver the ultimate travel experience

Staying connected to customers who are travelling all over the world is no easy feat. From juggling time zones to customer demands and partner constraints, you need a phone system that helps you deliver the ultimate travel experience.

Delivering exceptional products and services requires high-quality infrastructure and support. Xoomtalk’s VoIP system is a flexible, convenient communication tool that enables you to effortlessly provide top quality services to clients, improve staff productivity and reduce costs.

Our travel agency phone systems integrate phone calls and global numbers to create streamlined operations that improve staff productivity, power marketing campaigns and boost client engagement.

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Streamline your communications with VoIP for travel agents

Utilise information

Attractions, accommodation and amenities are just some of the few subjects that travellers enquire about. By integrating a VoIP system with your CRM system, you can easily manage and keep track of crucial client information, ultimately providing a more personalised approach.

Remain accessible

Travel is a 24/7 industry that requires constant support and services to travellers around the world, regardless of time zones. With our phone integration systems, we make it easy for you to connect with customers across time zones and locations.

Create flexibility

With VoIP for travel agents, you can provide real-time updates to callers and receive immediate reservation or schedule changes to ensure hassle free travel. You can ease the booking process with features such as professional auto receptionists that greet your customers and help to route calls to the correct department and agents.

Track marketing campaigns

Marketing staff can dedicate specific numbers for different campaigns and use call analytics to keep track of call times, phone leads and more, allowing you to assess the company’s sales and revenue, ensuring you manage your budget effectively.

Unify your communications

From booking flights and hotel accommodation to coordinating and connecting travellers, you need a reliable phone service. Make communication between travel agents and clients more fluid with functions such as contact calling and click to dial.

Gain international accessibility

We can provide international phone numbers that route to your office making it easy for customers to contact you or make bookings and reservations from key worldwide locations.

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