FAQ | xoomtalk


  • What happens if I move office?

Our platform allows you to take any numbers with you to any geographic location. Your solution will be configured to route calls to an extension or groups of extensions which means where ever your handsets are plugged in and connected to the internet calls will be routed to them.

  • How do I move/port my current phone number to you?

We can port telephone numbers form most UK suppliers. Once you have provided us with some detail on the number you wish to move the whole process will take between 5 and 21 working days dependant on who your number is currently with and what type of line it is currently on. We will keep you updated throughout the whole process and ensure that as soon as the number moves our platform will route it to your specified destination.

  • How many calls can I make from my extensions at the same time?

The number of concurrent calls you can make from your extension is not limited by xoomtalk Hosted VoIP. The only factor which limits then number of calls you can make at the same time is the speed of your Internet connection. Nearly all connections will support a minimum of 4 concurrent calls and standard connections will normally support a minimum of 8 however we can provide connections which can support any number of concurrent calls at a fraction of the cost of fixed line alternatives.

  • Can we share one Internet connection for voice and for data?

In short - yes you can. However to ensure that good voice quality is maintained we would recommend that an Internet Router is purchased which can support QoS (Quality of Service) and configured correctly to prioritise voice traffic over data. It is also worth noting that by sharing your connection you will sometimes need to sacrifice download speeds for data when voice traffic is at its peak.

  • What happens if my Internet connection goes down?

Out platform allows you to configure your solution to automatically route any calls to other external number in the event of connection down time. Therefore ensuring you never miss a call.

  • How quickly can I add new extensions and features when we need them?

New extensions and features can be turned on at the click of a button. New features such as Conference centres, Call recording and Voice mail are available for use immediately. One added phones can normally be with you within 48 hours.

  • Can I change the destination of my inbound calls without having to go into the office?

Yes you can. Every aspect of your solution can be controlled through your customer web portal. You can change call routes, access voice mail and call recordings as well as restrict call access from any location world wide.

  • Can I contact the emergency services?

Yes, our platform fully supports access to the emergency services. For more information please click here.