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We offer one of the most competitive wholesale offerings in the telecommunication market backed by unrivalled reseller support tailored to your specific needs.

At xoomtalk we've built a complete line of solutions that allow our resellers to increase their revenue streams, diversify their VoIP product offerings, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

xoomtalk offers resellers access to a world of new innovation, our products provide everything needed to start selling VoIP and connectivity within hours without large set-up costs and with no up front investment in infrastructure or software. New resellers can be added to our platform and be creating new ongoing revenue stream today.

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Unlike some service providers we charge our resellers a set wholesale rate for each service supplied. We also supply calls at very competitive rates enabling them to make additional ongoing revenue from any calls their customers make.

Resellers can set their own retail prices and create/control calling plans and call packages to help drive sales whilst keeping 100% of the profit.

By providing our services, our resellers are able to enhance relationships with their customers whilst increasing the amount of ongoing spend per user. Resellers maintain a direct relationship with their customers whilst we provide a suite of market leading products and services they can rely on.

Benefits to our resellers

  • Increase ongoing revenue with high profit margins on sales
  • Ability to harness the VoIP revolution with minimal set-up costs
  • Encourage 'customer stickiness' by increasing the number of applications and products customers buy
  • Fully branded end user interface and ability to 'white label' product
  • Speed up the sales process with a product that is simple to demonstrate on any customer site with an Internet connection.
  • Access larger markets by offering cost effective disaster recovery solutions and large cost reductions on current lines and minute spend
  • Our products are simple to install and maintain enabling resellers to reduce their customer service overheads and time spent on-site
  • Access to an array of tried and tested VoIP services and supporting products

Benefits to end users

  • Flexible and scalable solution with low ongoing costs
  • Competitive call rates
  • High call quality
  • Access to a wide range of telephony features
  • User intuitive user interface
  • Supports market leading hardware and soft phones

For an overview of the key features and benefits xoomtalk Hosted VoIP can offer click here.

Let us put our decade of experience together and make it work for you. We will help keep you ahead of the game.

Contact us to find out more about adding IP voice services to your current services portfolio.