Advanced Features

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Advanced features included with all our hosted voip phone systems

  • Customers use the dial pad for identification and routing
  • Get more than just simple press 1, 2, 3 voice menus
  • Customise labels for your business requirements
  • Can include up to 30 unique actions
  • Easy to use web portal
  • Effectively manage inbound calls by routing them to available agents
  • Variety of distribution options such as ‘least recently called’ or ‘back to agent’
  • View status of inbound calls
  • Have calls distributed from one phone to a group
  • Ensure all inbound calls reach the right person/team
  • Tailor setup for both internal and external destinations
  • Improve customer service
  • Ensure no message is missed
  • Mailboxes for personal voicemail or company voicemail
  • Messages can automatically be emailed to a dedicated address
  • Messages can be accessed via the web portal or handsets
  • Hold conference calls with multiple participants
  • Dedicated number for ease of access
  • PIN number entry options
    Security announcements made when users join or leave and calls recorded
  • Ensure calls reach the right routing every time
  • Route calls to internal or group extensions, or external numbers
  • Route calls based on factors including number called, time of day and inbound caller
  • Give customers an improved experience
  • Full control of what on hold sound callers hear
  • Use standard hold music or upload custom file
  • Option to use favourite music, or record company message or promotional messaging
  • Easily change messaging or music regularly
  • Send and receive faxes without a fax machine or line
  • Inbound faxes delivered to an email address or accessed via the web portal
  • Outbound faxes can be sent via the web portal or email address
  • Add up to five named emails for fax distribution
  • Effectively distribute calls to available extensions
  • Use ‘Ring All’ to send inbound calls to a group of extension numbers all at once
  • ‘Cascade’ routes calls to a group of extensions one at a time until call is answered
  • Tailor configuration to your requirements
  • Calls can be forwarded to multiple destinations including mobiles and voicemail
  • Set up and manage from any internet connected device
  • Tailor configuration to use landlines, voicemail, mobiles, or a combination
    Easy to manage via the web portal
  • Easily add a third party to a call
  • Two calls on a handset can be merged
  • Share information with a team member without the need to schedule another call
  • Allows for conferencing while out and about
  • Ensures callers are not greeted by an engaged tone
  • Have multiple calls routed to your extension
  • Current call can be placed on hold to answer the waiting call
  • Allows users to manage multiple calls at the same time
  • Users can log in and out and pause their status across queues quickly
  • Remote agent access from external locations such as mobile or home phones
    10 agents are included for each client – can add additional agents as required
  • Easily managed via the web portal
  • Users can set their status to unavailable
  • Configuration can be set so callers receive an engaged tone or are sent to voicemail
  • Allows users to focus on an important task without interruption
  • Configuration can send calls to different agents
  • Caller will be ‘parked’ or put on hold for another user to pick up
  • Call can be picked up by any phone system user to continue conversation
  • Easy for calls to be handled by different users/agents
  • Phone system can ring if caller is parked for too long
  • Ensures only those who know the password can use your handsets to make calls 
  • Ideal for phones in shared office environments
  • Gives assurance that only authorised personnel make calls
  • Easily set up and managed via the web portal 

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